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Paid technical support via email is available for all of our products.

All commercial products include a minimum of 12 months of technical support, and our programming libraries have the option of lifetime support. See the support menu item on the left hand side of the product's main page. All products are listed here. You can email us with your query, including as much detail about the problem as possible (including a detailed log file and stack trace if applicable).

All Open Source products offer paid technical support via email. See edtFTPj support and edtFTPnet support for more details.

The EDT Forums are also available for public discussion, and may be of assistance. Product upgrades are announced on our EDT email lists.

Please note that for all Open Source products, we want to know about bugs. There is no charge (you are doing us a favour!) for notifying us about problems you experience. Any suggested enhancements are also extremely welcome.

Organisations sometimes require specific enhancements to our libraries. Email your requirements for a quote.

Note that for all enhancements we reserve the right to add them to the freely available source code base.

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